Embassy of Fashion

Embassy of Fashion

   Embassy of Fashion Atelier is a brand created by three renowned and award-winning Estonian fashion designers. Aldo Järvsoo, Riina Põldroos and Ketlin Bachmann-Põldroos have created personal tailoring for over ten years and each of them has merited the highest accolade in Estonia, the Kuldnõel award for best fashion designer: Riina in 2007, Aldo in 2008 and Ketlin in 2010. Riina and Aldo have also been awarded the Väike Nõel award for best young fashion designer in 1998 and 1999 respectively.   

   The Embassy of Fashion Atelier was established in 2009. In 2011, it presented its first new line at the Tallinn Fashion Week, offering great tailored fashion to a wider audience. Embassy of Fashion Atelier is founded on the years of experience of three wonderful designers who work personally and directly with each client. The clientele of the atelier has expanded over the years: from pop stars and politicians to office workers, housewives and teenage high school graduates. However, this wide-raging audience has one thing in common: love for beautiful, high quality and unique perfectly fitting clothes. The new line brings the exclusive atelier fashion closer to people. More affordable and without time-consuming fittings, it stays true to its principles of free-thinking, established quality and resourceful design. These clothes are unique but are not without romanticism, drama and a sense of humour. Made for women who know how a beautiful dress or jacket can raise their spirits, and blend with them - body and soul.